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Whitemud Equine Centre

Located in Edmonton’s river valley park system, the Whitemud Equine Centre consists of facilities for equestrian activities, including lesson programs for children and adults, therapeutic programs designed for persons with disabilities, and equestrian competitions and events. The proposed riding arena consists of a 20 x 60m indoor riding arena, spectator seating for 75 spectators, stables, tack and feed storage rooms, a multi-purpose classroom, and public washrooms. The facility is designed to accommodate barrier-free accessibility and is regularly used by children and riders with disabilities.

The design organizes the front-of-house (public spaces) and back-of-house (stables) as distinct volumes framing the central riding arena. Within the front-of-house volume, the entry vestibule, classroom, and spectator seating are positioned facing Fox Drive. These public spaces create an active public edge and encourage intuitive wayfinding. A large south-facing overhang at the building entrance provides shelter from rain and snow for the users, including those that are dropped off and picked up by buses for wheelchair users. The back-of-house volume contains the stable stalls and tack rooms, and is located adjacent to the existing the path and paddocks.


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