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This design is the result of a winning submission to a City of Edmonton architectural design competition. Its construction is pending funding approval.

Mill Woods

Solar Tree

The Mill Woods Solar Tree completes a design for a park pavilion building is located in the centre of the Mill Woods Sports Park, and is expected to serve as a central meeting/focal point. While the completed pavilion (which includes change rooms, storage, washrooms and concession) adopts a pedestrian scale, a large but whimsical photo-voltaic structure -- a “solar tree” -- addresses two major issues beyond the primary space requirements.


Firstly, the design serves as an easily identifiable urban marker for Mill Woods community.  As Mill Woods Sport Park is a host site for major events, the pavilion serves as a point of reference for users within the large park as well as a way finding feature for people approaching the site.  Its distinctive silhouette serves as an identifying image for the Mill Woods Sport Park, much like a grain elevator overlooking the prairie landscape.


Secondly, the design announces the City of Edmonton’s interest in sustainable design and carbon footprint reduction.  The project incorporates a spirited demonstration of using photovoltaic solar collectors to generate power for wider area.


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