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2007 Edmonton Urban Design Awards / Award of Merit - Unimplemented Urban Design Plans


Edmonton Entrance Features National Design Competition / Winning Proposal

Edmonton Gateway

In response to a City of Edmonton national competition to design entry features for the East and West city limits, this winning proposal aims to provide a dramatic sense of arrival for the city.


Reaching from an evergreen forest and over the roadway, the pinnacle would be seen for miles. While marking the limits of the city, the entry also points towards the north sky, recognizing Edmonton’s place as the most northern major city on the continent, while referencing Edmonton’s legacy as “the Gateway to the North”.

Its upward reaching form and its materials reflect some of the most recognizable public architecture in Edmonton. While touching upon imagery of Edmonton, its industry and the north, the entry avoids overt symbolism and iconography, so as to lend itself to many interpretations over time.


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