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The Citadel Theatre, one of Alberta’s pre-eminent arts institutions, solicited expressions of interest to redevelop its Lee Pavilion building, with the goal of achieving stronger financial operations while enhancing the Citadel’s offerings. The challenge is to bring sustenance to the Citadel Theatre without compromising its existing architecture.


This design proposal carefully introduces an unconventional tower which will inject new life to the lobby level and create a second architectural identity at the same time. The concept is for a new contemporary building designed to seemingly float above the existing Citadel Theatre, supported only by a slender core.

The connection between the existing and the new is the key to this unique design; the contrasting tower design clarifies and strengthens the important 30-year-old design of the Citadel. The Lee Pavilion would be rejuvenated, with occupants from the Citadel tower above, and with the introduction of a green wall planting treatment on the core to strengthen the garden atmosphere.


This proposal would create a synergy consistent with the Arts District by providing accommodation in the form of a boutique hotel, residences, and affordable housing. Much like the Citadel Theatre itself, the proposed boutique hotel and residences would bring together various groups: theatre patrons to the hotel, professional actors to condominium apartments and drama students to affordable rental housing.



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